Pirna – the gate to Saxon Switzerland

Pirna is located near Dresden in the Elbe valley with its vineyards and castles. Pirna is the gate to the Saxon Switzerland national. The medieval town, first mentioned in 1233, with its churches and the Sonnenstein Castle is already visible from a great distance.

Pirna is first mentioned in 1233 in a charter of Bishop Henry of Meissen. In 1291 it is already designated as a city. Experience the witnesses of the changing history during a walk through the city.

  • Walk on the most famous “Malerweg” and to the Wagner memorial
  • Visit the Sonnenstein Castle
  • Take a bike tour along the Elbe river
  • Paddle on the Elbe river
  • Explore the Elbe river in a historic paddle steamer
  • Go swimming
  • Go horse riding
  • Take a Motorbike trip

Every season offers you many opportunities to enjoy your stay in different manners.

Impressions of our holiday home in Pirna