Be active and relax

Whether with hiking backpack, climbing rope, mountain bike or running shoes, the National Park of Saxon Switzerland, the East “Erzgebirge” and the Elbe are perfect destinations for some active relaxation. Directly connected to the National Park of Saxon Switzerland you will find the fairytale landscape of Bohemian Switzerland. Convince yourself of the large hiking and climbing possibilities.

During wintertime the surroundings of Altenberg, Zinnwald and the Czech Republic offer a wide range of possibilities. You can also take some time to relax in the water park “Billy”, leisure pool “Marina”, the “Toscana – Therme” in Bad Schandau or in the outdoor pools and bathing lakes around Pirna.

Wanderer auf Berg


Because of their fascinatingly diverse landscape and their rich nature Saxon Switzerland and the Erzgebirge are a very unique hiking area. Thanks to the very good signposts on the hiking trails you can easily explore the wonderful nature either by a cozy walk or a more challenging hike. While and after climbing mountains and rocks you will be rewarded with magnificent views.


Saxon Switzerland is worldwide considered as the birthplace of rock climbing. You can choose your perfect path among the 1.100 recognized climbing summits with around 19.000 different climbing routes. The well secured paths enable a very enjoyable climbing. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the special climbing rules before you start. You can also profit from the diverse climbing opportunities of nearby Bohemian Switzerland.

Frau mit Fahrrad auf Grünfläche


You can enjoy the official cycle route along the Elbe River between Pirna and Schmilka. The steep cliffs of the Sandstone Mountains raise majestically above both sides of the Elbe. The nice villages along the route invite you to relax and appreciate some tranquility. Leave the cycle path and enjoy the beautiful views from the Bastei Bridge, the Königstein Fortress or the Lilienstein, which lie about 400 m above the Elbe river.

The marvelous Elbwiesen (Elbe meadows) are accompanying you on both sides of the Elbe river towards Dresden and even further to Meissen. Pass the famous sights of Dresden, e.g. the Pillnitz Palace and the “Blue Wonder” bridge in the south, the cupola of the Frauenkirche, the Semper Opera, the baroque Zwinger, the rebuilt castle, the Brühlsche Terrasse (Brühl Terrace), the Königstrasse or the Goldener Reiter at the centre. During your bike tour towards Meissen you will see vineyard walls and terraces shaping the beautiful landscape.



The National Park of Saxon Bohemian Switzerland is just the perfect place for Mountain bikers. It is very exciting to bike through the rocky landscape full of Table Mountains, ravines and gorges. Reach the mountains and enjoy the fabulous and numerous views.


Pirna offers you numerous suitable paths for jogging or Nordic walking. Just find your favorite path among the many beautiful choices.

Paddle or steamship

You can take a paddle boat to admire the Table Mountains and the impressive rock formations from a “frog’s eye view”, such as the Schrammsteine, the Lilienstein, the Bastei or the Königstein Fortress. Benefit from the charming places on the way to take a break and have a nice picnic. If you wish to feel pleasantly cozy just take one of the numerous steamboats on the Elbe.


During the summer time just feel free to relax and enjoy the sunny weather to go swimming in the various swimming areas such as the “Albert Schwarz Bad”, the “Freibad Hohnstein”, “Geibeltbad” or the bathing lakes in the surroundings, where you will also find non-swimming activities such as volleyball and playgrounds for children. You and your kids will definitively love it.

All year round you can experience eventful holidays or relax in the adventure pool “Billy“ in Berggießhübel or in the bath resort in Hohnstein. You will also find the “Spaßbad” (fun pool) “Mariba“ in Neustadt or the “Toscana-Therme“ in Bad Schandau.

Langlauf skifahren in Schneelandschaft


If you wish to go skiing in winter time you will find many opportunities starting from Pirna in the Osterzgebirge (Eastern Ore Mountains). You have the possibility to practice cross country skiing on the well-developed trails between Altenberg and Sayda as well as around Seiffen. If you rather like ski descents you will find numerous little ski areas such as Altenberg, Geising, Rehefeld or Holzhau. When snow conditions are good Rugiswalde or Sebnitz in Saxon Switzerland are nice options for skiers.

Mann beim Motorradfahren


The winding valleys and the magnificent mountain views are just perfect for bikers. Both tour riders and occasional bikers will enjoy the various routes with many highlights and beautiful views. A lot of traditional restaurants with solid saxon food and sunny beer gardens will always be close if you want to take a break.

fliegendes Segelflugzeug


If you want to see the world from above you can take off with a glider or an ultralight aircraft. Since the late 1920s there is an airfield in Pirna – Pratzschwitz. If you have a pilot licence or if you are interested in flying, then just book a flight in the Aeroclub Pirna. See the wonderful landscape of the Sandstone Mountains, the Erzgebirge or the Elbe valley with your own eyes.